The CAHR Board would like announce, by a unanimous decision of its board, that we will be contracting the Arabian Horse Association (AHA) of Denver, Colorado to manage the registration of our Canadian-bred horses effective January 01, 2017. We will be closing down the Sherwood Park, Alberta office and, over the next three months, helping our members transition over to AHA’s customer service.

Effective January 01, 2017, AHA will be processing all Canadian owners’ paperwork. The Alberta office will stay open until early spring to help facilitate the transition.

WE ENCOURAGE ANYONE WHO HAS PENDING WORK IN THE SYSTEM TO GET IT CLEARED BEFORE DEC. 15, 2016 (missing payment, signatures etc.). Some of this goes back several years and will probably be cancelled – if so, you will need to reapply.

If you have new work that is not a rush, we suggest waiting until Jan. 01, 2017 and mail it directly to AHA in Denver. As of January 01, 2017, all forms will still be available on the CAHR website, but will be updated with AHA’s mailing address and contact information. Payment will still be made in Canadian funds; GST will still apply.

The CAHR will still own the Canadian pedigree database, provide CAHR memberships, and set our own rates and policies. We also will remain as the Registering Authority for Canada and will still be a member of WAHO (World Arabian Horse Association).

For those who are unaware, CAHR has utilized the AHA’s computer registration systems in Denver, Colorado for over 25 years to register Canadian Horses. The services we performed in our Canadian office was data entry into the U.S. system. So, all we are changing is the place where you mail your information. AHA will now be entering information and mailing your certificates out.

After January 01, 2017, all transactions will be carried out by AHA on behalf of CAHR. All transactions will be in Canadian Funds and you will be issued the same Canadian papers you have been used to seeing.

CAHR will continue to be governed by our Board of Directors and will become more of a promotional vehicle for Canadian Arabian horses bred or owned by Canadians.

Our goals have not wavered from our original mandate set out in 1958. The CAHR shall have for its object: the encouragement, development and registration of the breeding of Arabian horses in Canada.

We will be providing more details as they become available. For CAHR members wishing to review the details of this decision, meeting minutes will be made public soon.