Arabian Educational Programs

The Arabian Horse Reading Literacy Project

The Arabian Horse Reading Literacy Project aims to spark kids’ imaginations and encourage reading and creativity as they escape into a world of adventure through books. Partnering with schools, the program begins with a visit to the school from a live Arabian horse and concludes with the class visiting the farm. During each visit, children have the opportunity to interact with and read to the horses. The teacher has the opportunity to design and implement a cross-curricular study that uses the Arabian as a catalyst for learning.

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Discover Arabian Horses

The Discover Arabian Horses website provides all kinds of information about what it’s like to be an Arabian horse owner and encourages everyone to consider an Arabian horse experience for your family! Includes video “20 Questions” from people involved in the industry, describing how they first became involved with Arabians. Articles and activities for kids provide a comprehensive look at the Arabian horse and promote an active and healthy lifestyle. A quarterly newsletter is also available.

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