Transfer a Horse

For North American imports (U.S. Transfers), please see the U.S. Transfers page.
For Off-Continent imports, please see the Imports/Exports page.

CAHR Rules & Regulations

Sections 2 & 3 of the CAHR Rules & Regulations and Sections 1-5 of the CPAR Rules & Regulations deal with Registration and Transfers, including requirements for transfer of ownership, and more.

Please read & be familiar with our office’s  Rush Service & Cancellation PoliciesTo avoid delays in processing, please ensure that the registration application is filled out completely (see Registration Application Checklist) and accompanied by the appropriate fees. Incorrect or missing information can cause processing times to more than double and will be dependant upon mailing time for errors and responses from the necessary parties.

How do I transfer ownership of a Canadian registered purebred or partbred Arabian?

To transfer ownership, the last recorded owner must fill in the SELLER section on the reverse side of the Certificate of Registration. The Date of Sale (Month/Day/Year) must be included and the seller (or sellers) must sign. An “AND” form of ownership means BOTH / ALL signatures of the recorded owners are required for ALL transactions. An “OR” form of ownership only requires any ONE signature EXCEPT in cases where a Transfer’s sole signor is the horse’s new owner. In this case, all other owner(s) must sign.

The Buyer will then complete the BUYER section including their full name(s) and mailing address. Submit the certificate, the Registrations & Transfer Fee Form, and applicable fees to the Canadian Arabian Horse Registry (mailing address).

We recommend that certificates be sent by registered mail or ExpressPost. You can fold the certificate as a new one will be issued.

Under the Animal Pedigree Act, it is the seller’s legal responsibility to supply the buyer with the transferred certificate within six months of the date of sale. If a horse is sold as a purebred/partbred, registered or registerable horse, the buyer is legally entitled to the certificate at no extra cost. Failure to supply the transferred certificate within six months is a federal offence and can result in legal action being taken against the seller by the buyer.

Certificates with altered information should be accompanied by a letter of explanation for the alterations and must be signed by the seller.

The person I bought the horse from never updated their ownership. What do I do?

Certificates of registration are legal documents and the CAHR will not knowingly skip ownerships. The buyer information on the back of the certificate must be completed in the name of the person who bought the horse from the recorded owner. Complete a separate application for transfer of ownership or bill of sale for each additional transfer required. Forms can be obtained from the CAHR web site or from the office. All transfer fees must be paid.

Do not alter or erase the buyer’s information on the back of the original certificate. If this is done, a signed statement from the recorded owner will be required before the certificate will be transferred.

I sold the horse and can’t find the certificate. Can I transfer ownership at the same time as I request a duplicate certificate?

Yes, you can do both at once. Complete a Duplicate Certificate request form and a separate Application for Transfer of Ownership. All applicable duplicate certificate and transfer fees apply.