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Optional Forms:
CAHR Membership Form
Assignment of Breeder Designation
Name Change Request Form
Owner Authorization Form
Minor Authorization Form – please contact office

CAHR Rules & Regulations

Sections 2 & 3 of the CAHR Rules & Regulations deals with Registration and Transfers, including: requirements for registration of domestic, imported, and imported in utero horses; registration procedures, identification of horses, rules for naming, requirements for transfer of ownership, and more.

Please read & be familiar with our office’s  Rush Service & Cancellation PoliciesTo avoid delays in processing, please ensure that the registration application is filled out completely (see Registration Application Checklist) and accompanied by the appropriate fees. Incorrect or missing information can cause processing times to more than double and will be dependant upon mailing time for errors and responses from the necessary parties.

Registering a foal from a leased mare? Read the Leased Breeding Stock Policy
Have a question that’s not answered below? See Registration FAQ’s or contact the Registry.

Registering a Purebred

The breeder and first owner of the foal is automatically considered to be the dam’s recorded owner at the time of foaling.

If someone other than the dam’s recorded owner is to be designated as the breeder of the foal, an Assignment of Breeder Designation form must be filled out and a Designation of Breeder fee will apply. This form does not entitle the bearer to ownership of the foal, only to designation as Breeder.

If the foal is to be registered to another owner, the transfer section of the Registration Application must also be completed and a transfer fee applies.

Please note, registration fees are cheapest from birth to six months of age. After the foal is over twenty-four months of age, Overage Registration fees apply (see Overage Registration, below).

DNA Verification

Parentage verification by DNA typing is mandatory. For a foal to be DNA verified, both parents must have DNA tests on record. Any Arabian with a purebred foal registered after 2002, and any foal born/registered after 2002, will have DNA on file with CAHR. Horses with “Parentage verified by DNA” on their papers have been DNA tested. Horses whose papers say only “Parentage verified” MAY or MAY NOT be DNA tested. If you are unsure of the DNA status of your foal’s sire/dam, please contact the Registry.

Once your registration has been accepted and registration/DNA Kit fees have been paid, a DNA Kit will be issued to the processing owner.

Overage Registration

Registration of an eligible horse over twenty-four months of age is considered to be an Overage Registration. For horses born in 2002 or later, DNA testing is mandatory to verify parentage and both parents must be DNA tested. Parentage must be verified  before a certificate will be issued. Overage registrations may be subject to an Advisory Board hearing.

Blood typing for parentage verification may only be used in certain special cases for horses born prior to 2002. Most labs no longer process blood types and the lab currently used by the CAHR is the last known facility to offer blood type analysis. They have informed us that this service may not be offered in the near future. Should this happen, horses requiring parentage verification by blood type may no longer be eligibe for registration.

If a horse’s sire or dam requires DNA testing, additional DNA kits may be requested. For questions regarding registration where one or both parents’ DNA is not available, please contact the Registry.