About CAHR

Canadian Arabian Horse Registry Rules & Regulations – Purebreds (PDF)
Canadian Partbred Arabian Register Rules & Regulations – Partbreds (PDF)

The Canadian Arabian Horse Association was incorporated under the Animal Pedigree Act in 1958 to register purebred Arabian horses within the borders of Canada. In April, 1975 the association changed its name to the Canadian Arabian Horse Registry (CAHR) and pledged to meet the needs of Arabian horse owners. The CAHR is governed by a Board of Directors, consisting of members who have been elected to their positions at the Annual General Meeting.  Any member in good standing is eligible for election as Director.

The CAHR shall have for its object the encouragement, development and registration of the breeding of Arabian horses in Canada:

  • A) By keeping a record of the breeding and origin of Arabian horses and by collecting, preserving and publishing data and documents relating to same.
  • B) By establishing standards of breeding practices and by carrying out a system of registration.
  • C) By maintaining an efficient inspection of same and to prevent and detect fraud.
  • D) By regular reviewing and adopting means to protect and assist breeders engaged in propagation and breeding of purebred Arabian horses in compliance with the Animal Pedigree Act or any regulation made thereunder.
  • E) By developing Arabian horse show rules in Canada through liaison with the Canadian Equestrian Federation.
  • F) By compiling statistics of the industry and furnishing official and authentic information in regard thereto.
  • G) And for these purposes to make all needful contracts and agreements and to make, alter, and repeal rules and regulations subject to the provisions hereinafter set forth.

The CAHR can supply pertinent information on Arabian horses you may be considering purchasing, leasing or breeding to your mare. Whether you are a member or a non-member you may take advantage of general information on Arabian horses and rules and regulations regarding registration, ownership etc. In order to respond to general inquiries on individual horses, we require a registration number or the exact and correct spelling of the horse’s registered name. We recommend that inquiries be made prior to entering into any contracts or purchases of horses.

The CAHR is a member of the World Arabian Horse Organization (WAHO).