Rush Service & Cancellation Policies

Rush Service

A Rush Service Fee of $75.00 plus GST will apply for any rushed work. For transfers of ownership, this fee will include a processing time of 5 working days and emailing or faxing a copy of a certificate of registration when completed. In the case of foal applications, the fee will include faxing or emailing a DNA or blood typing kit within 5 working days, corresponding with the lab for results and faxing a copy of the certificate when ready. The certificate will be mailed by regular mail.

This service is guaranteed only if all information and fees are received when the work is first processed. Rush Service fees are not refundable if missing information is not submitted to the CAHR in a timely manner, or if the transaction is not completed by the processing owner.

Cancellation of Pending Transactions

All pending transactions (registrations, transfers, etc.) will be held for a maximum of 6 months from the date they are processed. Any transaction that is not completed within this time frame will be cancelled without further notice and additional cancellation charges will be applied to the account of the processing owner. Fees are non-refundable. This change is being instituted in an attempt to decrease Registry costs and assist in over-all processing times. Your assistance in completing your transactions in a timely manner is greatly appreciated.

If a foal registration is cancelled and the owner wishes to re-apply for registration at a later date, a new application for registration will be required along with the current fees that are in effect at the time the new application is received.

If a transfer of ownership is cancelled, the certificate of registration for the horse will be temporarily suspended until all requirements are met.

Processing Times

The CAHR is a small office and typically has only one individual entering data for registrations and transfers at any given time. Processing times are often anywhere between 4-8 weeks, depending on volume.

If you require confirmation of receipt of your transaction, please send your original certificates by trackable manner or your applications for registration by fax or email. Transactions are processed in the order they are received and are batched by date of mailing. Transactions that are not sent 100% complete will take considerably longer, as we do not maintain a file for each individual. Separate mailings are batched and entered separately, in the order of receipt.


Please visit our Fee Schedule for current rates and accepted methods of payment.