Imports / Exports

Forms: Please see the Forms page.

CAHR Rules & Regulations

Please refer to the Canadian Arabian Horse Registry Rules & Regulations – Purebreds and the Canadian Partbred Arabian Register Rules & Regulations – Partbreds

Rule 2 Section 2: Requirements for Registration of Imported Animals
Rule 2 Section 3: Requirements for Registration of Horses Imported In Utero
Rule 5 Section 1: Export
Rule 5 Section 2: Re-importation

Please read & be familiar with our office’s  Rush Service & Cancellation PoliciesTo avoid delays in processing, please ensure that the registration application is filled out completely (see Registration Application Checklist) and accompanied by the appropriate fees. Incorrect or missing information can cause processing times to more than double and will be dependant upon mailing time for errors and responses from the necessary parties.

Online information for Imports / Exports is pending. In the meanwhile, please contact the Registry for details on how to proceed with your Off-Continent Import or Export.

Current Fee Schedule