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CPAR Registration Form
Registration Checklist
Registration & Transfer Fees

Optional Forms:
CAHR Membership Form
Assignment of Breeder Designation
Name Change Request Form
Owner Authorization Form
Minor Authorization Form – please contact office

CPAR Rules & Regulations

Sections 1 to 5 of the CPAR Rules & Regulations deals with Registration and Transfers, including: requirements for registration of domestic, imported, and imported in utero horses; registration procedures, identification of horses, rules for naming, requirements for transfer of ownership, and more.

Please read & be familiar with Registration FAQ’s and our office’s  Rush Service & Cancellation PoliciesTo avoid delays in processing, please ensure that the registration application is filled out completely (see Registration Application Checklist) and accompanied by the appropriate fees. Incorrect or missing information can cause processing times to more than double and will be dependant upon mailing time for errors and responses from the necessary parties.

REGISTRATION INFO – To register a new partbred foal or a previously unregistered older partbred horse, an application for registration must be completed. The recorded owner of the dam at the time of foaling is always considered the first owner of the foal.

Have you leased the dam? Please see our Leased Breeding Stock Policy.
Is the dam a U.S. registered Partbred? Effective immediately, registered Part-Arabian mares that will be foaling out in Canada must have current CPAR registration papers. Please visit our Fee Schedule for current fees.

If the foal is to be registered in an ownership other than the recorded owner of the dam at the time of foaling, the transfer section must also be completed and transfer fees apply. This also applies to foals out of leased mares. The registration fee depends on the age of the horse at the time of submission of the fully completed application for registration and on the membership status of either the recorded owner of the dam at the time of foaling or the new owner of the foal. Refer to the fee schedule for prices.

Transported Semen – Partbred/Anglo registrations do not require a Transported Semen Service Certificate to accompany the application. Please have the Owner of the Stallion at the time of Breeding sign the appropriate section.

DNA/Parentage Verification – Partbreds/Anglo-Arabians do not have to be parentage verified prior to registration. As with all registrations, parentage verification may be required if there is a question regarding parentage or identity of the foal.

Foals under 2 years of age do not require DNA registration. Partbreds over 2 years of age applying for registration will need to be DNA tested to their purebred parent.

Determining if your Partbred Arabian/Anglo-Arabian qualifies for registration with CPAR

In order to qualify for registration as a Half-Arabian, one parent must be a Purebred registered Arabian. The other parent may be a horse of another breed, a grade, or a horse of Arabian extraction (ie: an Arabian cross but not a purebred Arabian). The non-Arabian parent must be a horse (donkeys, mules, etc do not qualify). The signature of the owners of both the Sire & Dam will be required in their corresponding sections, even if one is a Grade. A parent listed as UNKNOWN will not be accepted.

In order to qualify for registration as an Anglo-Arabian the following requirements must be met:

  • a) the animal must be the offspring of a purebred registered Arabian and a registered Thoroughbred, and/or
  • b) an Anglo-Arabian registered with CPAR, and/or
  • c) any combination of a or b above is such that the horse shall have no more than 75% nor less than 25% of Thoroughbred or Arabian blood.

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