North American Imports (U.S. Transfers)

North American Transfer – Purebred
Registrations & Transfer Fees

Partbreds / Half-Arabians / Anglo-Arabians
North American Transfer – Partbred
Registrations & Transfer Fees

Optional Forms:
CAHR Membership Form
Horse Authorization Form
Owner Authorization Form

CAHR Rules & Regulations

Sections 2 & 3 of the CAHR Rules & Regulations and Sections 1-5 of the CPAR Rules & Regulations deal with Registration and Transfers, including requirements for transfer of ownership, and more.

I am importing a horse from the United States. How do I transfer it into my name?

AHA or IAHA registered horses are considered “North American Transfers”. To complete the transfer, we require the following:

  1. A completed North American Import Form (see forms, above). Ensure that whomever does the markings portion, draws the markings from the horse – don’t copy them from the AHA certificate. For partbreds, photos may also be required if the horse has a coat pattern such as tobiano, overo, leopard, blanket, etc.
  2. The original AHA/IAHA certificate with the transfer section completed (if the horse is to be transferred). If the horse is on lease or contract purchase, a note should be submitted with the application and the CAHR certificate will be issued in the name of the US owner. (See CAHR’s Leased Breeding Stock Policy.)
  3. A copy of the border crossing papers showing when the horse was imported into Canada.
  4. Please download and fill out a Registrations & Transfer Fees form (see above). The current fees and accepted methods of payment can be found on the Fees page. Transfer fees are dependant on when the horse was imported into Canada compared to the date of ownership of the new owner. If the transfer date is not the same as the import date, additional transfer fees may be required.
  5. Submit the original certificate by registered mail or ExpressPost to CAHR.

I have purchased an AHA registered horse, however the horse is owned by a Canadian resident and resides in Canada. This horse was not an import, how do I proceed?

All horses that are registered in a foreign stud book, regardless of their ownership or residence, are considered to be “North American Transfers”. This is because we are importing them into the Canadian stud books from the U.S. stud books.

To complete the transfer, we require the same fees and paperwork as indicated above, however border crossing papers will not be required. In these cases, a written notice verifying that the animal was a Canadian resident, not an import from the U.S., will be required.

I am leasing a stallion/mare from the US for breeding. Does this horse have to be registered with the CAHR?

Yes, the horse must be registered with the CAHR before any progeny will be eligible for registration.  If the horse is being leased or is being purchased on contract, the horse will be recorded in the ownership of the U.S. owner. The original Arabian Horse Registry of America (AHA) certificate must be submitted to the CAHR and a Canadian certificate will be issued.  When the horse returns to the United States, the owner submits the CAHR certificate to the AHRA who will then re-issue a US certificate.

Note: The CAHR does not recognize leases and upon application for registration, the RECORDED OWNER(S) of the dam/sire must sign in the appropriate sections. In order to be shown as the BREEDER, a [wpfilebase tag=file id=3 /] form may be filled out, however this does not entitle the bearer to ownership of the foal. The Recorded Owner of the Dam at the time of foaling will need to sign the Foaling section and if a transfer is to take place, they will also need to sign the Transfer of Ownership section on the registration application or provide a proper bill of sale. A transfer fee will apply.